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:iconsaimono: is an awesome group dedicated to showcasing the wonderful fanart of Saiunkoku Monogatari ! An amazing anime and show.
Even if you've never heard of the series, check out the group and see for yourself. You might fall in love with the anime/manga :la:

The awesome Admins over at :iconsaimono: have supported us here at DrawAnime for a long time, and they are hosting a new contest so we are delighted to showcase it for them!

The Theme of the contest is: Friendship/Courtship/Hatred/Love

The contest started yesterday, November 20th and will progress until the 20th of March 2013.

The following media is accepted: Traditional, digital, pixel art, artisan crafts, cosplay, comics, animation - all acceptable

The following media is not accepted for this contest:  no literature, no Ocs, and no Mature filters.

It looks like a fun contest to partake in, and offers a wide variety of prizes to nab! :la:
Some awesome points amounts and features up for grabs!!

Adding to the prize list, we will feature all winners/mentions here on our page, as well as offer a free commission (for 2 months)/advertisement of any kind on our page to the top winner.  

For more information please click here for contest details and more in depth information ->…

We hope that you partake in our Affiliates contest, and any/all questions about it are to be directed to the Admins over at :iconsaimono: As we are not hosting this contest, but rather sharing the news :la:  (So any of our group rules/etc do not apply to this contest, only the rules laid out over at SaiMono are in effect. )

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