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Supports Drawing ALL Anime!
:iconsaimono: is an awesome group dedicated to showcasing the wonderful fanart of Saiunkoku Monogatari ! An amazing anime and show.
Even if you've never heard of the series, check out the group and see for yourself. You might fall in love with the anime/manga :la:

The awesome Admins over at :iconsaimono: have supported us here at DrawAnime for a long time, and they are hosting a new contest so we are delighted to showcase it for them!

The Theme of the contest is: Friendship/Courtship/Hatred/Love

The contest started yesterday, November 20th and will progress until the 20th of March 2013.

The following media is accepted: Traditional, digital, pixel art, artisan crafts, cosplay, comics, animation - all acceptable

The following media is not accepted for this contest:  no literature, no Ocs, and no Mature filters.

It looks like a fun contest to partake in, and offers a wide variety of prizes to nab! :la:
Some awesome points amounts and features up for grabs!!

Adding to the prize list, we will feature all winners/mentions here on our page, as well as offer a free commission (for 2 months)/advertisement of any kind on our page to the top winner.  

For more information please click here for contest details and more in depth information ->…

We hope that you partake in our Affiliates contest, and any/all questions about it are to be directed to the Admins over at :iconsaimono: As we are not hosting this contest, but rather sharing the news :la:  (So any of our group rules/etc do not apply to this contest, only the rules laid out over at SaiMono are in effect. )

Recent Journal Entries

Would you like auctions and adoptables to be in their own folder? (keeping in mind it'd be for finished auctions only, or ych auctions.) 

110 deviants said yes please that way i can find them easier
66 deviants said i'm neutral neither yes or no :la:
12 deviants said no thanks the folder system is fine